Courses Offered By Leasing University

Leasing University is a training platform that aims to teach landlords how to get more leases. They offer a number of courses, each with their own set of benefits. Below are a few of the courses offered via Leasing University.

The Perfect Leasing Process

One of the courses offered is designed to teach you how to create a leasing process. This includes learning everything from greeting your prospective tenants to closing the deal. When done the right way, the process can improve your chances of getting renters.

Not only that, but property managers can improve how they do things by enrolling in the course. They will learn how to better serve both current renters and prospective renters. This is exactly what property managers and landlords should do because the housing markets are always changing.

Agent Phone Training

Leasing University offers an agent phone training course, which can help you and your team convey the right info to prospective renters and to receive the right info from them. When your prospects show up, you will know what to show them and how to convince them to get the unit. Remember, a lot of people will come to see you after you get off the phone with them.

However, the phone conversation has to go smoothly. With this course, you’ll learn about useful tips and tricks to increase your success of getting prospects to see you after speaking to them on the phone. In turn, you’ll have a better chance of closing the deal.

Showing Apartments & Property Tours

Another course offered by Leasing University is a course that is focused on teaching students how to properly show apartments and schedule property tours.
You’ll learn how to put together a tour that puts your prospective renter’s needs before anything. When you show off apartments in a certain way, then you’ll become a step closer to getting the prospect to agree to sign a lease.

Every single step of the tour has to be engaging and appealing. This can be difficult to do. Thankfully, you’ll learn how to do this when you enroll in the showing apartments and property tours course.

Do you want to double your leases or learn more about the leasing industry? If so, then enroll in one of the above courses offered by the Leasing University. Don’t forget to check out their other courses before deciding on which one to enroll in.